Set window lower than top of layout?

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  • I know you can have the window smaller than the layout, but when I set my layout taller than my window, the window is sitting aligned with the top of the layout (and all of the "extra" layout is below the window).

    I want some objects to be able to be above and below my window but still on the layout (because I still want to use Destroy Outside Layout behavior on them).

    So is there any way to specify the layout to extend above my window (or to put it differently, have the window sitting in the middle of the layout).

    Thanks for any advice.

    I am a brand new Construct user and this is my first forum post. Woohoo!

  • I did this once by creating an invisible sprite, placing it where you want the center of your screen and giving it the scrollTo behavior.

    Obviously this method will not work if you are NOT using scrollTO on another object.

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  • Thanks, ArcadEd. I got the scrollTo working!

    A secondary issue is how to constrain my player sprite to the window instead of it wandering all over the non-visible layout. but I think this is pretty easily handled by comparing its position to known x,y limits.

  • A few options. Comparing it's x/y or again, creating invisible sprites to act as borders.

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