How do I Set Volume of left and right channels seperately

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  • Hello there guys!

    I just wat to ask if there is any method to set the volume of the right and left channel of a sound file seperately?

    I searched everywhere and I could not get an answer.

    All I could do is save my sound files as "left channel only" and as "right channel only" files, start them at the same time and play with their volume seperately. But it is quite ugly and a pain to create all these files, sice I can not do it as a batch job.

    Do you know any extension which allows me to do this? Or anything I missed in the manuals?

    Thank you!

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  • I don't think C2 has that ability. You may have to try and do it in a sound editor 1st, save it as left or right, then play which ever one needs to be played. i'e: if on left screen - Audio > play left...

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