How do I set touch trigger above another touch obj

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  • Cannot figure out....

    I have a layer with manu touch sprites. when I touch one of them - Few new sprites are spawned above these existing sprites. But when I touch new sprites with touch effect - sprite below triggers. How can I block a trigger of the sprite below newly spawned one and leave all other touchable?

    My only results where:

    1) I've made sprites of layer 1 to spawn new sprites on layer 2. above all sprites.

    When I touch another sprite I destroy old sprites of layer 2 and spanw couple new of them.

    When I touch the same sprite of layer 1 - I just destroy sprites spawned by him oh layer 2.

    2) I made all sprites on 1st layer unclickable except the sprite I've clicked to spawn sprites on layer 2.

    So I get layer 2 sprites trigger on touch properly as well as a single sprite(that spawns new sprites) on the layer 1.

    On the second time I click sprite on layer 1 - I destroy sprites of layer 2. And all runs smoothly.

    Smoothly it could be... But I new to be able "Touch" sprites on the layer 2 that are above sprites of layer 1 and trigger only top sprite. One below should not be triggered on touch. At the same time other sprites of layer 1 that are not overlayerd much be triggerable...

    P.S. Sorry for my english...

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  • use the system event pick nearest instance and set it to the touch position or have a variable and set it active for a split second when touched and to us the active one

    make sure u make it active in the first line

  • Cannot figure out how... maybe Im too newbish...

    Here is what I've got... and what im trying to explain... CAPX

    Completely cannot figure how to make Touch working on the Sprite "2"...

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