How do I set up TAB order on Form Controls?

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  • By TAB order I mean when you fill out a form online and hit tab it jumps to the next box you want to fill out. I know by default the form controls TAB order is order of creation. So the first control created, 2nd control created etc. I was wondering if there is anyway to modify the TAB order of the controls. As I wasn't paying attention and just added controls all willie nillie like so now the TAB order is jacked.

  • It's ordered by UIDs. So dynamically create them in order, maybe.

  • Problem is they have already been created with a bunch of code referencing them. So i'd have to create all new form controls then change all my code to refence the new controls. There should be a way i can just change the order somewhere.

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  • References don't necessarily break, when you delete and create new instances, as long as you don't use UIDs for references (but instance variables instead, etc.).

    Have you tried using the keyboard object and setting instances active on "tab" pressed according to a order, you keep track of? I'm not sure if that works.

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