How do I set a sprite to pathfind "find path" to object?

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  • How do I tell a pathfinding sprite to find a path to an object. Ive tried setting the action "find path to X:object.x, Y:object.y" and then set the unit to move along path once path is found but it does nothing. I set another action for the pathfinding object to flash if it fails to find path just to see if that is what is happening but it doesnt even flash making me think it isnt even initiating the find path command. There is a start event for the sprite to "find path to X:object.x, Y:object.y" which is once its health instance variable reaches a certain value (3) and once i launch the game and get that sprites health variable to 3 it does not move to the object.x, object.y. Any ideas?

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  • Did you check the examples that comes with C2 ?

    Check this example :

  • You might need to provide a capx. There's a few things that can go wrong. Try this - add an event when path NOT found and see if that triggers.

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