I set sprite Frame Number, but just runs to end on start.

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  • So I have 4 duplicated sprites for control drag method.

    I have 4 frames of animation, just 0=blue,1=red,2=green,3=yellow.

    I set each one to a different frame number, but when I launch game they all turn yellow which is the last frame I assume

    that's what it's doing. But I don't know why.

    Thanks in Advance.

    I even started a new capx.

  • I assume they have the same name and are 4 of the same object in which case updating animation will update for all. You need to create 4 separate objects (right click-clone object type) and they can have separate animations. Alternatively you can pick by UID of the 4 objects and set different animations that way. If you've done something different to this then please post a screenshot of the events.

  • Yep that's what I did, same name, same object, I will try making them individual.

    But question,

    What If I just want to make a simple 2 frame sprite button that you click and it switches?

    You know like the normal two image web button thing, how should I do that?

  • On clicked

    If frame0 > Wait 0.1s > Set frame1

    If frame1 > Wait 0.1s > Set frame0

    Something like that you mean?

    If you're just using a single object you can use 'Compare Frame' > 'Set Frame'

    The wait is so that the variables don't try to change each other at the same time and you get stuck in a loop.

  • Ok, Thank you for the Help.

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  • I always just set the animation speed to 0 for something I need to stay the same frame.

  • thanks calebbennetts,

    heres what I'm doing now.

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