How do I set a spawned object to the road *dt speed

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  • Ok people, first off Happy Mother's Day to any game making Mothers out there.

    Here is what I'm facing. I'm working on an Infinite Runner game but I'm haveing trouble spawning objects and they match the road movement speed.

    Please let me explain: I have the road and the background set to *dt speed which is fine, however, I want to gradually speed up that speed time so it looks like my player is moving faster. (You'll see in the sample) The problem I'm facing is I can't make the pitfalls match the speed so they look like they are on the road and not floating across it.

    One is an oil spill and the other is a sink hole so they need to look and move with the road speed once they spawn to look like they're one with the road. I should mention they have bullet behaviors.

    A few things to note as well before you look, I am still working on the graphics and sounds, some of the graphics (Buildings and Cars) I did not do but eventually will get replaced with my own works. Player animations I did do and I have set it to go from slow to very fast for testing purposes eventually I want the speed to be gradual the more blocks you run.

    See for yourself




    Thank you in advance for any help

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  • I'm thinking that you could set your dt*speed that you're using for the road and the buildings as a global variable. Then when you're spawning the sinkholes and oil slicks, you set the speed to that variable, that way it's always up to date.

  • OK, ok, thank you I will try that. That makes since.

    Thank you

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