How do I set a sound the right way

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  • Hi yall,

    I am with a little issue here.

    As active followers of the forum will notice is that i post pretty much "How do i...?" threads.

    I am doing that because i want to learn how to do some steps the right way and not my way ( which is mostly very unclean ! )

    As for this item i have a level select area.

    Let say:

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Each level contains a play button. Each play button has it's own sound. By clicking the play button the right sound has to play.

    Yes, it "sounds" ( no pun intended ) fairly easy but the only way i can be thinking of is like:

    Somehow i have the feeling that is NOT the way to do it since i have 100+ different levels..

    Please enlighten me !

    Thanks in advance!

  • If you tag the sounds as "Level1", Level2", etc, then you can just do one event and play tag = "Level"&currentLevel

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  • Thanks for your reply!

    I did not use tags but after reading your reply i did have the idea to name the files as in: categorylevel1, categorylevel2

    Now i can use global variables "category" to set the category, and level"currentLevel" for the current level!

    Thanks for the hint!

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