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  • I've been working on a long term project for a while and recently I notice that If I create a HTML5 build and run it on Internet Explorer the TextBox start having problem.

    I can click on the textbox and type in normally.

    but when I click on the textbox with the mouse the 'x' clear button on the right of the textbox disappear and the Text Cursor is still there blinking.

    When I am in this state, I can still type but I cannot use the space-bar.

    I can click on it again and the 'x' clear button shows up again, and I can use the space-bar again.

    I tried creating a new project with Text box, and I don't have any issue like this on it.

    Anyone know what I could have done wrong?

    Thank you


    There is a simular issue when the text box is set to Text Area as well.

    Only this time it won't space if the boarder is blue instead of black.

    And if you have a placeholder text in there and it shows up. you can still type in text and it will be entered along with the placeholder

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  • is the problem only on Internet explorer?

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