How do I set SliderBar to visible?

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  • I'm trying to make an alternative touch control with the sliderbar instead of buttons.

    Here is the event sheet:

    SliderBar is initially set to visible, and the buttons are invisible.

    It changes from the sliderbar to the regular controls, but it doesn't change back.

    Any idea how to fix this?


  • 'Is on screen' refers to a position. Is the position on the screen or not.

    I know that the SliderBar has no 'Is visible' condition. It is a form element. So .....

    Give SliderBar an instance Boolean 'VisBle', set it to true (in the properties ... if it starts visible)

    Now the code is:

    (SliderBar) Is Boolean set ('VisBle')

    __________________set invisible

    __________________set Boolean ('VisBle') to false


    __________________set visible

    __________________set Boolean ('VisBle') to true

    Else is NEEDED, else the first event (set invisible) will set the second event ALWAYS true.

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  • Thanks a lot!

    it now works

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