How do I can to set the score sprite to follow the screen ?

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  • Hi!

    I want to show the score sprite in to screen while the player is in movement. When the player is in movement, the screen follow the player in the same direction, like in game Geometry Dash, but the objects that score sprites not follow the screen and i lose that objects.

    How can set the sprites to follow the screen and remain static in specific position (corner).


  • Hey! Put the score - and other stuff you want to stay put - in their own layer and then set that layers parallax to 0, 0. Make sure that layer is above the others in your game so it doesn't disappear underneath everything.

    EDIT: missed the second part of your question at first. You can right click the items you want in the corner and select align. From there you'll find a drop selection with option for alignment, assuming you don't want to set the position yourself.

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  • Thanks you, your solution works!

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