How do I Set Score to last made score?

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  • Ok friends, I have tried this 100 different ways for 2 days. What I am trying to do is keep track of the HIGH SCORE which is working fine, but also the last score attempt that was less than the high score. So if the high score is 300 and on your next try you get 289 it also stores and keeps track on that score as well to help the user have an idea of how close they are coming to beating their high score.

    I have the VARS:




    I know it's probably simple and I'm sure one of the many ways I had it was close but I'm stumped and I'm muddying up the code.

    Just in case:

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • system -> compare variable -> score < highscore -> lastscore = current score.

    This will work, first you check if your current score is lower then the high score if its true, then you set the current score to the last score and you display that. The event should go in the end of each level/attempt best to be called in a function.

    And well of course then the current score is higher then the high score then you change both, this can be done using another event or an else statement in the same one.

  • imhotep22 I thank you for your time but either I'm doing it wrong or it's not working for me.

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  • There has got to be a way to set this up so it keeps track and stores the HIGH SCORE and any score lower than the HIGH SCORE.


  • You are doing something wrong, I just did a quick test in one of my old games, and the event works fine. I don't how to help you like this try adding a screenshot of what you have so far( the event where you store the score).

  • imhotep22 absolutely and I'm sure it's me... As long as I have been doing this you would think I could figure it out. I'm sure I'm over thinking it. I'll keep at it and post if I can't get it but I want to try a few things first.

    Thank you very very much.

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