How do I set random spawn points

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  • Hi, I;m making an arcade style endless game and I was trying to figure out how to spawn monsters at set times at a random set point just outside of the game layout.

    Currently I have

    Event = [System] Every 8 seconds

    Action = [System] Create object (ENEMY) x = choose(-40, 690) y = choose(50, 100, 150... etc)

    My problem is I want them to spawn around the top and bottom of the game too but I'm having trouble figuring out how to set those points. because if i add the top x points and the y level what if it chooses to mix the coordinates and spawns in the middle of the level. The only way around this I can think of is to create another event and then stagger the times to take turns or to somehow randomly choose an event. but I dont know if either of these are possible or there is an easier way or even how to do my ideas.

    Thanks all feedback is appreciated :)

  • You can put an invisible sprite at the points where you want to spawn your monsters. Then select a random instance of this sprite and spawn.

    I made a demo some time ago with different spawning methods:

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  • Thank you so much! :D

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