How do I set position to a sprite but still jump?

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  • Hello everybody. I cant figure out how to do this, i would appreciate any tips or hints.

    I have a sprite "sprite1" which follows another sprite "sprite2" (i use set position and angle every tick), now i want "sprite1" to jump up when i press a button and then land again on "sprite2", so while in the air "sprite1" still follows "sprite2" position and angle. I cant seem to do that since i force "sprite1" position and angle to "sprite2" every tick.

    (imagine a guy standing on a moving car and then he jumps up and down)

    Do you guys have any suggestions on how to do that?


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  • Hi i think you have to do 2 conditions,

    like when Sprite1 is on land his positionX/Y = positionX/Y of Sprite2

    But when Sprite 1 is jumping then only position X = position X of Sprite2

  • Hmm. Although that will only work on straight line.

    What if the car "side view" drives inside a round loop? Then i need sprite1 to jump towards the center of the loop and still land on sprite2.

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