How do I set the position of an object via instance variable

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  • Currently, I am trying to make it so when the player collides with a certain sprite, the player's position will be set to another sprite with a certain instance variable. A better way of putting it is: When the player touches a staircase, they are brought to another staircase. The staircases touch has a variable called "Warp". Each staircase has a different variable. When the player touches a staircase with a warp variable of 0, they are sent to a staircase with the variable of 1. The game this is needed for is a top down shooter.

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  • Have a matching instance variable on your character or whatever is warping, also called warp or playerwarp.

    Set the player.warp to match the stairs.warp+1 so it matches to the stairs you want the player to appear at. Do stairs.warp-1 if you want him to go backwards (down the stairs instead of up, etc)

    Next compare the values of the variable.warp between stairs and player (for each stairs -> stairs.warp = player.warp)

    Then set the player position to the XY of the matching stairs. Then set the player.warp to something like -1 so he can move again to the next stairs. If his varibale remains the same as the stairs he will be unable to move.


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