Set position to issue with solids.

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  • Hey guys checked the forum a bit but couldn't find the solution.

    My main object has several objects attached to it via "set position to"

    Now the problem is when I push up against a solid and/or edge of the screen.

    problem is the attached objects get offset, in the position my main object is getting pushed into the solids.

    is their any way to reduce, or stop that?

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  • What kind of behaviour do you have on the attached objects?

  • no behaviours on the attached objects at all accept that they change frame number when a key is pressed.

    In CC I used the same thing but had all my attached objects in a containers.

    atm I have no clue how that either. I can send a screen if you need to see whats happening.

  • No behaviours? Hmm, yeah it would probably help with a screenshot or the .capx.

  • this is a logical problem. 2 solutions:

    1. use physics instead of solids

    2. safe pre-position of object in temp value, and reset after collision positive.

    best regards :)

  • You can see by the flames mainly how they get offset from their positions.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • I only get this problem when using the "Bound to Layout" behaviour. What if you put a solid wall just outside the layout, so that the player collides with that instead of being affected by "Bound to Layout"?

  • Sir's I thank you very much seems like the "bound to layout" was the issue.

    Xeed, Nimtrix thanks a bunch.


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