How do I set Playback rate for all sounds?

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  • I can do it for one with a tag, or if i put the same tag for all the sounds that not is convenient to identify which is each one.

    I tried a "for each" but the sound plugin not appear to do an event that affect to all the sounds.

    SO is there anyway to in the Tag parameter set something that tells the Construct2 that i want that effect to all sounds? Or another options, Can an audio have multiple tags? How?

  • Sounds with the same tag are affected together, that's why it's there. How many sounds do you have? Just list them all? Set "sound1" playback rate, Set "sound2" playback rate if using the same tag isn't convenient.

  • So the "playback rate" only can be applied to all sounds using the same tag? :S .

    I guess there will have some trick or event we are missing.

    Apply X effect to all sounds or use various tags for the same sounds will work for me.

    So i can have all sounds with Sound(ID) + Music or Sound(ID) + SFX tags. So i can use the id to identify individually, or SFX / MUSIC if i want to apply to a specify group of them, this will be a lot of useful for organize and use.

  • I'm just saying if you want to set the speed of play for a bunch of sounds but you don't want to group them with the same tag then just use normal events like this:

    Set "sound1" playback rate to 0.1

    Set "sound2" playback rate to 0.2

    Set "sound3" playback rate to 1

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  • Yes i know. and if i have 40 or more sounds... i need something flexible, someway to add to a selected group of sounds X effects. But keep also a individual tag for each one.

    The ability to use various tags on sounds will be perfect, some kind of "Family sounds" like we have for objects.

    Ashley Is there actually an option to do that? Or anyway to manage like that?

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