How do I set page size and center animation

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  • I've imported a sequence of images and created an animation then exported the file to HTML5, using either/or the 'normal' or 'embed in 'iframe' export option. When the index.html page opens the animation (which is quite small) sits in the upper left corner of the html page. When I embed the index.html in an iframe the entire page is squashed down into the iframe size (400w 280h) so the animation is very small sitting in the upper left corner.

    Is there some way I can control the size of the index.html page so it just shows my animation, which should be centered on the page, not great masses of empty space to the right and below?



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  • Try in project properties change "Full Screen In Browser" to Scale Outer and add behaviour to your image to Scroll To.

    Also change property of Layout - Unbounded Scrolling to Yes.

    This should fix all your issues imo.

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