How do I Set up an Online Multiplayer test?

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  • Hello im new to Construct 2 and i would like to crate an online 2 player game. All i require is a bit of information from some kind people that know what there talking about. Essentially i just want to set up something simple as a test first, if i can get 2 clients running and communicating with each other i will be pleased with myself. I am aware of the signalling server but i dont want to pay for it just yet. if possible im looking for a quick budget test. Im not that savvy but can i host a server from my home PC and using the power of the internet get a friend to connect so we can chase each other around for a bit? Ive heard that Socket.IO and Node.JS might be what i require but i dont really know what they are or how they work. or if there are other options. just a few key words or recommendations and i (google) will do the rest. thanks

  • Signalling server is free. You can buy your own, but scirra provides it for free.

    If you buy it, then you need to host it and have SSL etc etc etc.

    Scirra has a state of the art server and can handle anything you through at it, and it is free to use.

    This would be your cheapest option really. And If you hit new in C2 and search multiplayer you have a few examples right there. And in the tutorial section ashley and a few others have put together some in depth tutorials.

    If you still can't grasp it after that, and lots of banging your head against the keyboard, then it might be too advanced for you.

    There is also a cool multiplayer tutorial using mysql and php and of course as you've stated you can use socket.IO, but seriously, I would invest my time using the multiplayer functionality of C2.

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  • Great thanks! i read through a couple of tutorials but i didn't deduce that the server was free to use for my own projects! so that awesome. I think its just very overwhelming with the amount of options out there for this kind of thing. every tutorial or video has its own way of doing things. ill have another read through the tutorials with my new found knowledge and see if the penny drops. again thank you.

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