How do I set online leaderboard for android?

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  • Hello,

    I searched forum for my problem but many threads are unanswered or outdated. I hope I am not duplicating thread.

    I want to implement online leaderboard for my android game. The best option would be to implement google services but I dont know how to implement it when building with cordova CLI (did not find manual). I know there is a way when building by but its not solution for me as the builds from cocoon in my is twice as large than from cordova I dont know why.

    If google play service is not an option my question is how do I implement this solution : Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL) ... sql?page=9 and show the results in mobile game. I tried to test on example website iframe plugin from pode but it only shows its in construct2 preview mode. After building android apk iframe is not visible at all.

    Is there any up to date way to implement online leaderboard for android?

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  • Well, I did not get any help in this topic but I managed to solve it by myself. If anyone is interested of implementing google play services using cordova cli let me know. You can test it here ... ndtreasure

  • Hey, can you tell me how you have done it? I am stuck

  • Hello ,

    I used Cordova CLI to build my apk so keep in mind that I can only help you if you using the same way of building your app.

    First of all You need to get ... ugins-1662 so its additional cost but for me it was worth the money.

    For the leaderboard you need to install in construct 05_Cordova_extension_gamecranberrygame_CordovaGame_1.0.73.c2addon then follow the instruction from this i did it some time ago and I dont remember exactly if following the instruction was enough so it would be usefull if you will tell me at what point did you stuck with this. If you will have a problem with the solution i gave you, let me know - we will try to solve it.

  • I am using Intel XDK, but tried PhoneGap not a long time ago, I guess I will have to try Cordova CLI I have the plugin pack so maybe the instruction guide will help. Thanks!

    P.S. I will make a tutorial on YouTube for others if it works out.

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