How do I set an object to orbit a point ?

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  • First,sorry for my English.

    Now in a game,I must set a tennis racket to rotate it from 0 degrees to 90 degrees(to hit a ball to left screen).But when i used method "rotate clockwise",tennis racket rotate depend on basic image point(Image point 0-center of racket image)-not from hand player(i have a sprite-"tennis racket"-a tennis racket and a hand that hold this racket).

    So if i want to set that racket will orbit hand that hold it,how can i do that?

    My config:

    Touch:On tap gesture>Sprite7(tennis racket):rotate 90 degrees clockwise

  • i would set the racket to the position/angle on the hand you want it to be, then pin racket to hand (angle&position)

    this way you can rotate the arm and the racket will follow like it was held by the hand

  • you can give me an example for this config?I `m not sure what you mean but i can not find any "angle and position" method in Construct?

  • You have to add the Pin behavior to the object and, in the events, choose the object and choose "Pin to an object".

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  • You can also edit the image points. set origin to the lower middle of the handle.

  • Thank all of you,but even if the racket orbit hand that hold it,it is fast to rotate.However,we can not say that means:"we hit the ball".

    So how I can decrease the speed of this rotate,to look like "we hit ball"?Or we can use other method to do that?


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