Is there a way to set object focus?

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  • Hey guys,

    Just wondering if there's anyway I can set focus to an object at the start of a layout, specifically, I'm using iframe (which is 3rd party I know) to load a game I've made into an interactive application I'm making for a website with C2. When the layout loads, I have to click the iframe before I can send keyboard input into the game it's loaded, is there anyway I can set this focus so that my app can be completely mouseless? I'd like the same coming out of it as well, I'd like to be able to be in focus in the game, hit a specific key, and have the layout with the iframe transition back to the main layout of my app, right now I have to click out of the iframe before I can do this... any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • bump... no one has any ideas?

  • It would be plugin specific, but should be doable with js. The simplest way would be to ask the plugin dev to add the feature.

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