How do I can set a new host if this leave the room?

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  • Hello,

    I have a problem, I'm trying to create a multiplayer game and multiroom. but of course if the host changes the room all the other peers are kicked. how do I look for a new host before the host previous change room?

    thanks if anyone has a solution, I'm going crazy.



  • Seems like you already found a solution in the thread you just reacted to..

    Events and actions are given..

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  • Hi LittleStain i know, but i think that is a old post and i dont know if lennaert can see again

  • What should lennaert see?

    Seems like the complete answer is there..

    Al you'd have to do is make the events and actions like he explained..

  • ??? not working if the host change the room the other peer kick out

    where i must put the event? in the segnalling Group? or where.

    in the segnalling Group doesnt work

  • Why should the events be in a group?

    What part of creating the events and actions written down by lennaert do you not get?

    When the host leaves the room everyone gets kicked out..

    Lennaerts events make it so both the peer group and the host group (why those should be present is explained in the multiplayer tutorials) are deactivated, the players reconnect to the room automatically and for one of them the host group is activated, for the others the peer group..

    This is offcourse kind of a "hack" and because of that some things might not automatically work..

  • I understand thanks, now I'll do a bit of evidence until we can )

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