How do I set the mix value of an audio effect

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  • Hi. i have ben trying to tie the mix value of the distortion effect to a variabel. but because it says add effect it just spams the effect over and over again. i have ben trying to make it remove the effect and add it again with the right value whenever it changes, but i cant get it to work.

    plz halp

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  • If you could show us your events and/or even better attach a capx, it would be much easier to help..

  • here is a screen shot (not sure if urls are alowed)

    the blue arrow is pointing at the variable thats going to decide how big of an effect the audio effect wil have (mix).

    the red arrow is pointing at the value that decides how big of an inpact the effect wil have (its suposed to say "scretchProsent" as the value but it doesnt in this screen shot)

    my problem is that it adds the effect every time its executed instead of seting the effect. so if i add mix value by 1 and its executed every 0.1 sec it wil spam the effect and make it go to 100 in notime. i need it to set the effect instead of adding it, thats what i need help with.

  • (not sure if urls are alowed)

    they werent allowed

    go to dropbox dot com /s/wqh5bvgdpkaq0gp/halpo%20me.PNG?dl=0

  • i figured it out.

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