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  • Hey everyone,

    I was curious how to manually set a max frame rate. I don't think you can but I thought I would ask. I am having a bunch of trouble with frame rate affecting the game. I am using frame rate independent physics. Setting time step to 0 pauses the game so I am pretty sure at this point I have done everything right, but it seems like I am going to have to re write portions of the project to find the problem. In order to test as I go I need to be able to change frame rate! which I can't seem to be able to do...


    *edit* ---- I also am curious, but for some reason my computer runs construct projects at 40 fps max. For a while that jumped up to 60 while my plugged in and on high performance settings, but now its always stuck at 40 fps... anyone have experience with this and why it may change?


    You can't manually set a target framerate from within construct 2. The max FPS of any game is limited by the monitor refresh rate. You can change the refresh rate in properties under the graphics card or control panel.

  • How do you do frame rate independent physics?

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  • newt - I set physics world stepping mode to framerate independent (physics global options)

    -and then of course, everyforce that is applied is multiplied by dt ("one shot" impulses are not as time is irrelevant)

  • Ok, thought you had rolled your own physics in events or something.

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