How to set longer interval in "Is In Touch" input method

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  • Dear All,

    I try to learn to make a simple game, it is a running game that instantly jump when i tap the device. Initially i use "on any touch start", as shown in construct example, as the input method. However, when i export it to Cordova and use the intel xdk to build and publish it only as android game, it wont work. (Note: Due to of the app size, i make it in android build, instead of crosswalk build). Every time i tap the device, the sprite jump twice consecutively instead of 1 (one) jump. I cant figure whats wrong with this, since my code is very simple.

    I tried to use the "tap gesture" but the tap mechanism is not responding instantly. I guess it is because the input only counted after the touch is released from the device.

    So i tried for another input method: "Is in touch", which respond greatly as i meant to in android build. However if i press continuously, the sprite is also continuously jumping. Is there any idea how to set longer interval in "Is In Touch" input method? So the sprite wont instantly make another jump right after one jump.

    Sorry for this long description. I hope i give a clear explanation of what i'm trying to do. Thanks before for your help.

  • try ( trigger once while true )

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  • Great advice Carbincopy! It run well in construct simulation. Going to try for XDK android build.

    Many thanks for your advice!

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