How do I set up a loader layout

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  • So i have been working on my game hardcorely, and then it popped me. let's do a loader layout.

    So i went to project settings, selected use loader layout, set it to Yes. Selected first layout my new layout (that was empty at the moment),

    as first layout. Set the Progress bar & logo as "loading".

    So.. i run my game (which is approximately around 60MB)... aaaaand nothing happens. I get the C2's loader and once it's done my layout opens.

    Here's what i've tried - adding event sheet with browser + "is update downloading" - gets c2 loader to 50% then switches and loads the rest 50% on that layout - in other terms, doesn't work.

    - adding a simple image / loader bar on that empty layout - nothing happens, c2 loader and then opens that layout

    - choosing none (progress bar & logo) - with both 2 options that i mentioned - does nothing- c2 blank loader and then opens loader layout

    - reinstalled browser / c2, clearing cache from browser (tried opera 26 and chrome latest), CCleanering cache, removing loads of events, some items from other layouts - still the same thing happens - c2 loader or c2 Blank loader if i selected none.

    Now i am really suspecting that there is something wrong with that loader in C2. Can you please dig through it and check if there is something that prevents it from starting because i'm 99% sure that i haven't done anything wrong. And yeah i can't upload CAPX of 60MB cuz i got slow upload rate (would take me 3hours) (380kbit/s) .

    P.S. i would like to see some features tweaked for easier usage. Like web font, or Fonts in general. Something like importing font and then using it would be nice. Even if it took some time to process it during export / import. Also better image editor would be nice. I'm talking about usage of "auto detect collision polygon" - why is this not available for full animation? i have to do it on every frame.. it gets really boring and wastes my time. Also renaming a origin point renames that point on one frame, and if i used "apply to whole animation", the upgoing changes should be chained. Also wastes my time. Same goes for removal of these points. These are just my suggestions, since i want to develop 2D games for PC, who are usually much stronger then mobiles, but if i just waste my time doing things that could be done faster i'm not so sure this is the engine i want to use. And i really really really like the easiness and adaptation of Construct and all the possibilities through plugins, behaviours, effects etc. And don't get me wrong, i'm not tryin' to be mean towards you or anything, i really admire your work, and i hope it gets even better!!! Happy holidays

  • Its rare, today im going to try it with a template.

  • also, i've forgot to say, my PC ain't bad. - > 344.75 drivers with gtx 980m, ssd evo840, quad 3-4GHz 4860HQ and 8GB ram ddr3 - 1600. so my pc shouldn't be a problem :/

  • nooone? great.

  • testing it right now.

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  • It works for me, i created a new layout called loading and in project settings i select first layout as loading.

  • how big is your test project? if it's small it loads too fast and doesn't show their loading at all. also, is your loading shown then opens another layout or does it show after loaded your loader layout?

    p.s. there's another bug - if you have 3 Text objects and you add mouse style on each, and when mouse not over them remove that style, it will work, but only for 1 object out of these. why i have no idea.

    p.p.s. what version are you using? (i'm on r190)

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