How do I set up leaderboards for IOS game?

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  • Hi,

    I am developing an IOS game. I created leaderboard on the game centre of Apple. I'm exporting the project through Cordova and building the app using Intel XDK. I used the C2 Game Centre plugin in the project. When I try to upload the file, I'm getting some error and asking me to install Xcode.

    I thought to use cranberry game plugin but it looks like it is only for android.

    Please suggest me a way to setup the leaderboard in the app.

    Did anyone build an IOS game with leaderboards on C2?

    Please help.

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  • I've always been using Ejecta, really nice and easy tool. The only bad part is you'll need a mac for xCode and upload the app via that. xcode is Apple's own development software, fairly easy to use

  • condolent Thanks for response. It was said that Ejecta was depreciated and recommended to use Cordova instead. I'm using windows operation system, may be running the OS X on a virtual machine would work.

    Is there a way integrating the Game Services using Cordava?

  • I've personally had a quite worse experience with Cordova then what I've gotten with Ejecta. Yes, Ejecta has been deprecated but that doesn't really mean that it no longer works. It just means that they will no longer add functions to it etc.

    Using a virtual machine works, as long as you have a intel processor (amd processors can't do a OSX VM)

  • condolent Thank you, I will follow your advice. Also please tell me whether I could integrate facebook share and apple account login/logout for a user on the game.

  • If you're using the cordova facebook plugin, then no that won't work with ejecta. Apple acc login/logout is a action with the Ejecta object, called authenticate. Something that MUST be done on game launch

  • condolent I'm planning to transfer the whole project from Cordova to Ejecta. Do know any way to integrate facebook share for the project?

  • None that I'm aware of. But to be honest, I wouldn't even use a facebook-sharing function. I've never seen someone on facebook share something from a game, that happened before in 2012, but since facebook really isn't that popular anymore, shares will probably not happen anyway. Even if they do, they'll most likely have 0 effect, tbh.

    In my opinion and experience, a facebook share option really isn't part of modern game design. And can be seen as quite annoying to users

  • condolent What you said is correct but this iOS game which I'm developing is for my client. He wants this facebook share feature. Anyways, thanks you so much for your time.

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