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  • Hey,

    I'm having trouble getting my Pre-game images (Logos) to display, fade & transition to the next layout without any control input.

    What i'm trying to do is display my own logos using the fade behavior before the player is brought to the Main Menu to start the game.

    If someone could just PLEASE briefly explain to me what rules are needed in the events sheets of each layout to do this you'd have no idea how much I'd appreciate it.


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  • Hey Eyez,

    There is a pretty good example of how to fade in Kyatric's FAQ but here is another with a lot of comments. In this one we are using a screen that covers the layout and a few events to change the opacity.

    I show how to fade and transition the layouts smoothly but the same thing can be applied to logos on the 1 layout so I will leave it to you to experiment.

    (Also I changed your cap a little bit so that we are now only using 1 event sheet for all layouts instead of 1 for each).

  • You must be a Rockstar man, thanks a lot man if I ever get interviewed by the media or a talk show I'll make sure I give you credit for your help. You have my word.

    Thanks again

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