Can I set a layer hotspot/parallax origin point?

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  • I've got a sandbox-ish game with a square play area, in which the player can move anywhere. There's a parallaxed background layer below the player which scrolls slower. I'm trying to add the effect of the player (and other objects) casting shadows over the background. This means that the shadows must follow the objects around, BUT also parallax accordingly with the background.

    The issue is, the layer's origin point is the top-left corner of the layout. This means that when I move towards the bottom-right, the greater the parallax effect on the background below. So, shadows that start out near an object when it's in the top-left, are "pulled" further and further towards the bottom-right. Is there a way to set the parallax origin elsewhere, perhaps at the center of the layout instead, so that the effect is less glaring? Or will I just need to offset all the shadows so that the top-left becomes their origin?

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