How do I set a joint on a copy ?

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  • Good day to you all,

    I might be retarded but this is getting me insane by now. I need your help, I may lack basic understanding of...something there.

    I have a box. This box has another instance. Its UID is 9.

    I want to pick this instance, and fix a join on its center. So here I go :

    System => Pick Box where Box.UID = 9

    Box => Add my joint between Box and the layout

    It seems pretty logical to me but apparently, it's not. My goddamn box is in free fall whenever I launch the preview, no matter what I try. I just want to say "If this box has UID = 9 then do this you stupid ravioli" but Construct 2 does not agree. Where is my autism, what should I actually do ?

    Many thanks


  • WengWeng

    if you just want the box to stay where it is, you can set its "Immovable" setting to Yes.

    you can also change world gravity, depending on what you are trying to achieve...

    as far as I know, you can only make a joint between two physics objects. So, once you make one object immovable to anchor its position, you can make a joint to other movable objects from there.

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  • AllanR thanks for the reply ! But yes I assure you it is possible to create a joint between one physic oriented object and any point on the layout, so your object is stuck in the air sort of. It might no be a feature in Box2D but it definitely is in Chimpunk, I did it several times already. This is not where I'm wrong. My algorithm appears to be wrong. If I do as you say (setting the instance immovable) then it will ignore the event and just fall again. No matter what I do, this cursed freaking object instance won't behave. Something must be silly in my events, yet I don't see what.

  • No idea anyone ? I Wonder if I am the only one running into that issue. Should I post a screenshot of my events ?

  • Yes, please post a screenshot or a small demo project.

  • a demo project would be best. in your first post you didn't mention you were using Chipmunk physics... little details like that make a big difference. Showing a picture of a few events doesn't help if something farther down is inadvertently undoing them.

    I made a quick demo with chipmunk physics after your second post, tried a bunch of joint types set to the layout, and everything worked fine for me, but I wasn't really clear on what you were doing so I didn't save it...

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