How do I set the initial direction? (noob alert!)

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  • I am really new to this, although I have watched several videos and looked over the manual and the forums. The reason why I can't find the answer might be language, since English is not my mother tongue, so pls bare with me.

    I am trying to find how to change the initial direction of a sprite. When a sprite is placed on the layout it seems to go in this direction unless I set it to something different of course. I just wonder how I alter this direction on the sprite directly.

    (see attached image)

  • For example you want to make an arrow facing on proper direction. By default a sprite si facing to right at 0 degree. So if you want make an arrow pointing to 45 degree, first make an arrow image facing right then rotate it in layout by using rotation handle or change value on properties panel.

  • You could do it like so

  • Or with degree

  • Hmmm... Thanks. I guess I am a slow thinker , but I don't manage to get my sprite to turn to the direction I want it to. Please have a look at the attached file.

    I am trying to get the sprite called PlayerMothership to turn to a 45 degree position and continue to fly that way. However, when I try to rotate the spite manually on the layout the "initial direction" (as mentioned in the initial post) follows the rotation. Whenever I use a rotate instruction in the event sheet, the sprite goes that way, but it never turns.

    I don't get it and yet I have made the Player sprite to do this.

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  • Ok, got it now. Sorry for the hassle.


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