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  • If you publish to Kongregate, the game doesn't have focus when the page loads. The user has to click the iFrame to give focus to the game. This is not a good user experience.

    How to make the game get focus when the frame has finished loading?


  • I don't know if Kongregate would allow it or not, but it is possible to emulate a click event with jquery $.click, also it has $.focus which might work.

    So something like





    $(window).on('load', function(){



    might work, but i'm just guessing here.

  • Hey Geo,

    What do you mean by focus?

    When I view my game at Kongregate. Apart from the advert that pops up sometime, I don't have to click on the game for it to start or register my 'mouse over' commands.

    I point the url iframe to a privately hosted url (not the Scirra Arcade).

  • Thanks for the jquery tips, I might try them on the next game if it will be an issue; I won't update the existing game as it would be too much overhead to add the jquery code.

    your game doesn't get focus either, but because it's played with the mouse it's not an issue - it just gets focus on the first mouse click.

    My game was keyboard only and there's some issues with it - users have to click the iframe first before the game gets the keyboard input.

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  • We have the same problem on our Arcade - I don't think there's a good way around it, other than to just have a title screen saying "Click to continue". I think most users are used to clicking inside a window to give it focus.

  • I didn't tried it, but you can have an out-of-view textbox, inside the iframe (but out of the viewport). If that widget has the focus, then the focus is given to the iframe enclosing it.

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