How do I set up feedback system?

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  • TL;DR - Is there a way to receive user input (probably via textbox object) and have that sent to me (via... email maybe?)?

    As I near the end of my game (Woo! Hopefully should be on the works in progress/completed creations sub forum some time this week) I started wondering from a design perspective, what would be an effective way to get feedback on the game in a format I wanted. I had an idea that after the player lost, if I generated a single random question (from a preset of prewritten ones) then they could optionally answer it and continue, or just continue anyway. After they have sent an answer to that question then it would no longer 'spawn' so slowly and not forcefully the player can answer all the questions. I'd end up with either a result or a 'Didn't bother to answer' result, both of which are useful in their own way ^^

    Either this is really really not necessary (although it does seem handy...)

    Or it's just too difficult since it may need too much information (the player would probably need to put in their own email address and then confirm boxes and blerh)

  • it depends on how you are going to be sending said email.

    what platform is this for?

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  • It won't leave PC, it's core mechanic revolves around the entirety of the keyboard. Could it be done so that each user sends it via an anonymous email address? This is easy to just say but I don't know how to go about doing this so I don't know the limitations

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