How do I set Facebook App Domain for Andriod Game [XDK]

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  • Hello everyone, after I've done some research and didn't find any solutions, I'm hoping you guys can help me.

    So, I wanted to integrate Facebook Login into my game, and it's working as it should, but only while I test it in Chrome browser.

    Basically, I've got the whole logic done on my custom loader, so when user chooses to log in (from the main menu) the game goes back to the loader layout where it does the user login to get his name and ID.

    Like I said, it's working in preview browser (Chrome) flawlessly.

    Then when I try to test it on my android, first, on Intel XDK emulate tab, I get the following error:

    And when I build it and run on my device, the game works fine, but as soon as user wants to login, and it goes back to my custom loader it just hangs there, not opening any popups or anything.

    Also, in Intel XDK Plugin management, I made sure that Cordova InApp Browser is installed together with few other plugins:

    What am I missing here? Thanks in advance!


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