How do I set an expiration date to my game

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  • Hi everyone,

    As Google Play doesn't allow to send promo codes for press reviews, I'm planning to make a press version of Healer Quest. But as this version will have all paying options unlocked, I would like to add an expiration date to the code.

    I've found this : ... -a-project

    Which explains how to get the current date, but I really don't see how to use this to make an expiration date. For example I would like to check the following conditions

    month > 03 (march)

    but it seems like the returned string is always "Abbreviated Weekday, Abbreviated Month, Day of the Month, Hours:Minutes:Seconds."

    Any idea how I could make an expiration date, or still better, send promo codes for my game using Google Play?

    Thanks !

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  • Hello

    can't you set a beta test period in google developper interface ?

    I think you can select allowed emails to download your application.

  • I think I should first know the email which is synchronized with the device on which the game will be tested, which is more than probably not the email given on the websites.

    Then people should first join a google+ group in order to be able to beta test the game.

    I don't think game journalists will apreciate this. Their time is precious. From what I've seen, giving them a link to the APK file seems to be what everyone do.

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