How do i set up the event sheet for admob and crosswalk

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  • im having trouble with my admob ads creating a new ad every time i try and bring back a hidden ad. and thats making my impressions go through the roof way to fast and im worried admob will ban me or something.

    my brother clicked on my ads once and it gave me about $3.50 for one worried my ads stacked up and the one click gave me a click on all the ads even the hidden ones. or maybe its from the 60 impressions i got in the 5 min he was playing

    im assuming im doing something wrong with my event sheet or maybe im using the wrong plugin for admob in cosswalk.

    "how do you properly setup the event sheet? "

    im using this crosswalk plugin

    Name: AdMob Plugin

    Plugin ID:

    [x] Plugin is located in the Apache Cordova Plugins Registry

    and my event sheet looks like this

    dose this look right?

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  • anyone?

  • I'm not sure but how would the ads 'stack up'? The code seems reasonable to me. I'm not sure how it could possibly get $3.50 in 1 click, but I'd like some of that

  • im not sure what happend then maybe it was an admob error he was the only one with the game and he only clicked on one ad...and then this showed up and it got like 60 impressons

    id like it to but it makes me worried admob will get mad

  • im not sure how the ads would stack but every time i used the show banner ad action it showed a different ad so i thought it mite just be creating new ads over the old ones

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