How do I Set Difficulty For My Levels?

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  • Hi.

    I have 50 Levels in my game.

    I check the Level_01_Difficulty Variable for set Difficulty of current level.

    if it is 0 , player play in Normal mode and if it is 1 , hard !

    in menu when player win level with Normal Mode , game allow to Hard difficulty.

    when the player win in Level01 i set Level_01_Difficulty Variable to 1 and if the player lose nothing change.

    i don't have problem with that but ......

    **** if player win in Normal mode and i set Level_01_Difficulty Variable to 1 and player , play the level in Hard, maybe the player want to play the normal mode later. but Level_01_Difficulty Variable is 1 and on start of layout level be on hard difficulty.

    i confuse with that !

    and also how i event for menu for 50 levels?

  • Up!

  • any idea please? i need some help!

  • just make a menu where the player can change it?

  • Best way would be to have a Global Variable called LevelDifficulty and make it either a number/text (if you want to have 3+ degrees of difficulty) or a Boolean (if it will just be two). Then create conditions based around what the variable is.

    Example :

    If LevelDifficulty="Easy" >>> Heath=3

    >>> EnemyHealth=1

    If LevelDifficulty="Medium" >>> Heath=2

    >>> EnemyHealth=2

    If LevelDifficulty="Hard" >>> Heath=1

    >>> EnemyHealth=3

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  • hi, thank you for reply, but i know bout it, my problem is :

    player in first play, can play in Easy Mode, if he win , in menu he can play hard mode, but if he lose in level01(for example), he can't play hard!

    this is not my problem!

    but if player win level on easy mode, and i set LevelDifficulty to hard, and he want play on easy mode, he can't , because level set for hard!

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