How do I set Deference Variable ?

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  • in my project i use one sprite with variable level ,animal,country

    how to change for each sprite spawned with deference stats?

    i use list for levels. 2rd list with Animal and 3rd list with country

  • CBelle

    Do you mean you want to spawn sprites with random stats?

  • cheeck capx when i click one sprite and upgrade thats take the stats from list menu so i can change anytime i want if click sprite and te upgrade

  • CBelle

    Bad english... So you want to:

    1. Select sprite

    2. Choose level, animal, country

    3. Click "OK" to apply stats. ???

  • Programmer25


    apply stats only selected sprite cause in my game i spawn alot Sprites i dotn want when some one spaw have same stats.. cause i choose my self what stats need to be for evry sprite in game.. and i replace anytime i want

    sorry for my eng :/

  • CBelle

    Finally I did it. Is this what you were asking for? (remove spaces from link) file/ d/0B72RpsDBK__PMXJJOFFCN1N2NmM/ view

    I added some images to show that it works. You can remove them.

    Click "OK" button, and then Spawn. To change an existing sprite, select animal from list, double-click the sprite, and click on "OK".

  • Programmer25

    i cant download the file Error page.. use sendspace

  • CBelle

    try this:

  • Programmer25

    ok i download

    ok he look fine but i need the follow steps: spawn button (a meany SPrite i like) one sprite(A)

    3.set status from list ok - and the sprite (A) now he have the stats from list..and all other dont sprite dont have nothink..and if i click now the Sprite (B) Set new status from list.. now the sprite (b) have deference stat from Sprite(A).. etc etc

    5.And i can change anytime the stats from sprite in game..

    like i multy hero's with personal stats.. i donw know how else can i explain you. :/

    my eng i sucks..

    think like tower defence when need to lvl up one tower and use deference abilitys anytime you want..

  • CBelle

    Could you try using Google Translate? Your english is hard to understand.

    1.Click spawn button

    2.Set status from list

    3.Double-click on sprite(A)

    4.Press "OK" - and the sprite(A) will now have the stats from the list... and all other sprites dont have nothing.

    Then change the stats from list, double-click on Sprite(B) and click "OK".

    It works, try it.

    Unless I didnt understand you.

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  • I was going to post what I though he was saying but sounds like what you already said Programmer25.

    I'll post it anyways


    I need these things: spawn button for sprite(B)(enemy). spawn button for sprite(A)hero.

    3.I need to set the stats for players from a list.

    4.I click #1 (ok, or button) then sprite(A) gets stats from a list.

    Note: All other sprite(A,B, or players) do not have stats.

    6.I click #2 (ok, or button) then sprite(B) gets stats from a list.

    5.Also I need to be able to change the sprite(A,B,or other players)stats anytime in game.

    I like multiple players with indiviual stats.

    Similar to tower defence when you need to lvl up one tower, and use deference abilitys anytime you want.


  • The capx file I gave a link to can already do all those things, but it uses one "OK" button and one Spawn button.

    I know there is probably a better way to do it, but I already wasted 2 hours on this

  • ty !! You help me alot..

    i fix somethink and now is work.. ty alot Programmer25

    no i dont use google Translate.. my eng in not my mother lang .. in my country we learn France at school :/ nwm

    i will try google translate!! meaby people understand me better next time

  • Im happy to help

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