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  • Part of my level design is creating a lot of objects, and usually I want to create them with certain properties. For example, most of my terrain tiles have a physics behavior with Immovable set to Yes. However, whenever I create a new tile that tile starts with Immovable set to No, even though literally all of the other tiles have it set to Yes. I run into the same problem with certain parameters on other objects (for example, there's one object that all the instances have 50% opacity, but whenever I drag out a new one from the palette it starts at 100% opacity.)

    I can just set these all manually, but when I'm creating lots of objects it's annoying to do so. Is there a way to force the 'default' value for an object type? How is this done?

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  • I don't think so.

    Setting them all manually is a matter of copy/paste, right?

  • Squidget - You should be able to drag them all in, then click the object name in the Projects bar to select them all. Then just set what you need to at that point - it should apply the change to all of them.

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