How do I set collectables?

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  • Hello community, I know the title has no sense Xd I'll try to explain.

    I've created a platform. I want to insert some collectable object.

    For example among the game I want to insert 30 "power stones".

    When you reach the final boss, If you have all the 30 "power Stones" there is an alternative ending.

    I have problem with the "power stones" count.... I mean if I collect 5 stones in the 1st level and, for example, I die at the middle of the 2nd level, the game is set to "restart the layout" but I want the "power stones" count to be saved in order to restart the level with the exact number of stones I've gathered in prevoius levels...

    I don't know if its is enough clear :D

    And another little problem.... in the pause menu I've set a slide to control the master volume. If I set the slider to half bar, when I die the layout restarts with the volume at the max level.

    How can I store the level set?

    I hope someone can help me.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding :)

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  • You would use a global variable to track the number collected, but also you would need 'Persist' behaviour to keep the ones you collected as destroyed when you restart the layout.

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