How to set character rotation to face direction?

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  • Hey everyone

    Just playing around with C2 some more trying to learn the ins and outs.

    I tried searching this but couldn't find it so i'm sorry if it is a double post.

    But my sprite keeps looking in the wrong direction when I move him in any direction.

    How do I fix this?

    Also, can you change the sprites image after programming it with many actions? Not sure how to do that.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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  • Hi friend. When designing your sprites try to draw them always facing right.

    Use the rotate to direction can work pretty well with the set mirrored function depending on what you want to do, since you're only playing with construct 2 there are a bunch of cool stuff you can learn from those functions, just look for some tutorials here in the site.

    And yes, you can change your sprites and animations after developing the entire game. Usually when I'm starting a new project a use only squares, circles and other simple shapes and the actual design and animation I add at the last part of the game along with the music.

  • Thanks RayKi !

    I did try rotating the character a few times. I must have missed the facing right rotation by mistake.

    Adding art at the end?

    Interesting. I'm very visually orientated so I like seeing it develop as I go.

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