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  • i am trying to make a gam Contra style or like a metal slug but. Is SOOO WIERD, I am thinking to go back to G.Er cose here is looks bit TOO difficult. I cant make the simple commands like run-run shoot-and back to run if a Key relised or same for siting animations is like a if I press at same time some buutons like shoot and move. my character moving without any action. Head is broken alrdy. if some one can help me to set up character actions will be fin. I am using only frame animations.

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  • This is one of the most common things people make in C2 and it's pretty simple. The platform behaviour has all of this built-in and you update the animations to suit the action. To block out other actions you use conditions and invert them such as if you want to shoot when not jumping then you can add a shoot event and an inverted condition for not jumping.

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