How do I Set Camera to Offset

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  • Right now the camera and player are centered in the window. I would like to have the camera and player just off centered, so there is about 2/3 of the window in front of them.

    I have seen some sidescroller games (paper monsters) do this and when the player moves to the right the camera shows 2/3 of the window to the right consistently.

    i.e: if the screen is numbered 0 -100 to the right, the player stays at around 35.

    Is this possible with C2? The posts and I have come across don't mention this sort of camera movement.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • I am using this setup to achieve similar results. This has the added benefit that you can use conditions and change the camera's position to somewhere else than normal, if for instance you want to point out a part of the layout to the user.

    The scrolling is happening automatically by the 2 scroll to behaviors that exist on the Player and the camera sprites. Of course, you want the camera to be invisible in the game, I've left it visible for illustration purposes.

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