How do I Set up Button Prompts

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  • I'm trying to make button prompts the core of my game. It's skeletal right now but when a sprite appears, it's set to be invisible. Instead of the sprite appearing, a button image appears with text that reads "press" under it. When the sprite's corresponding button/s is/are pressed, the sprite becomes visible. I thought I could use the keyboard function as a secondary condition (secondary to the sprite being created, that is) so that each sprite could have its own button prompts but in the keyboard condition menu (if used as a second condition), my only option is to set the condition as "key is down" or "keycode is down" when I think I need the "key is pressed" option. Am I going about this like a caveman? Is it possible to have button prompts in construct 2?

  • I'm not sure what you exactly mean by "button prompt", but I made this tutorial that could possibly be of help.

    It allows you to set specific keys of a keyboard to realize specific actions within the game.

    So possibly, the overall mechanic could be of use to you and allow you to display your sprite and having an expected key pressed out of it ?

    Otherwise, consider posting your capx, that would make things easier to investigate.

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  • Hey, thanks for responding so quickly. Sorry if I wasn't clear about what I was trying to do. I even read the Tips for posting in the "How do I?" forum and forgot posting capx was an option. I actually found what I was looking for while thinking of ways to describe my problem. For anyone else with a similar problem, user Valerien has a great tutorial on Quick Time Events here ... touch-qtes

  • I think Mr Gaemacolyte means Prompts that come up after pressing a Button like

    "Are you sure you want to exit the Game"

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