How do I set a brilliant light behind the player? (Paster)

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  • Hi.

    The scenary is a 2D platform game.

    I have learnt basics about Paster, but...

    Layer that contains the Paster is on the top of layers (it must be). So the darkness (a giant black sprite) is above the player and pasted into Paster, right. Now, all is dark, right again.

    There is a TV turned on behind player, which has its own light.

    A light behind player will never be able to shine because is under the darkness. If you paste the light object into Paster, it will shine but light will be above the player. When you walk over it, it will stay over you.

    Any ideas about fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Excuse me for my bad english.

  • Added a capx. I forget it

  • R0J0hound? Can you throw some light over this, please?

  • There is no reason to bump your thread, you could have just edited your post..

    I'm not really sure what effect you are really trying to achieve and why you use the paster plugin for this..

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  • Sorry I'll try to not bump again.

    Due to your answer I am thinking about if it's a mistake use Paster plugin only to achieve a light system. A brilliant light effect is what I'm trying to achieve. Simply, a TV shining in the dark, but if you walk in front of the Tv, the light remains behind the player. Am I explaining well?

    My reason for Paster is that in the game, lights will be lightning the room where you are and the walls behind player, but not the background such as sky or mountains.

    I am thinking this is impossible even if you are using a traditional light system, this is:

    Layer 0: -

    Layer 1 : Light

    Layer 2: Darkness

    Layer 3: Player

    When you want player walk above the light, you have to move Player lo layer 0, but whit this, Player will be lighted with no darkness.

  • Somthing like this?

    Far from perfect

  • Thanks LittleStain, but the desired result is like is that light were behind player all time, with all its original shinning.

    With this method I cannot see a good path to achieve it. Perhaps, I personally can't get it.

  • Yesss I think you strike home (I think its well writed XD ).

    I'll study your example. It looks like the best way, I guess.

    Thanks again, master.

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