How do I Set animation for bullet position?

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  • Hi all guys, I have a Player who has the beavior of a bullet, which activates and moves towards where I click with the pointer.

    I would like him to choose the animation based on his position.


    - If the bullet moves upwards, the "Move up" animation is activated.

    - If the bullet moves down, the "Move down" animation is activated.

    I can do it in 8Directions but with bullets I just can't understand how to do it, can you help me? Thanks so much.

  • You can use "Is between angles" System expression. Say,

    if Player.Bullet.AngleOfMotion is between 315 and 45 degrees
     -> Player set animation "Right"
    if Player.Bullet.AngleOfMotion is between 45 and 135 degrees
     -> Player set animation "Down"
  • Thank you very much for the concept and help! I tried alone but I can't solve unfortunately ... could you send me a screen of how to set it directly on construct? I thank you for your patience

  • It usually works the other way around :) You need to post your project and we'll tell you how to fix it.

  • I am sure you are right and that it works .... Surely it is I who do not understand how to do it and I am wrong, sorry and thanks for the help.

    This is the link of my project (It's in Italian I'm sorry if it's not clear)

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  • So where are the events where you set player animation? You said you tried them?


    Do this:

  • Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it very much.

    Unfortunately I did as you did on the screen but it doesn't seem to go, where am I wrong?

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  • The hierarchy of events is wrong. Look at my screenshot - events 9-12 are sub-events, they need to be located inside the event 8.

  • Thank you very much I really consider myself very stupid, thank you thank you now it works :-)

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