How do I set angle of an object after using sine?

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  • I have an object that uses sine and bullet but when I make the sine inactive and change the angle of motion of the object's bullet then it will fly in the wrong direction.

    I recreated the bug here -

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  • I don't get what you're after and why you use the Sine behavior, but if you set the "Set angle" parameter to "No" in the Bullet behavior, the black sprite does travel up and down respectively.

  • I want the object being thrown to be thrown with sine so it curves but when the other object throws it back I want it to be normal. I tried setting the parameter to "No" but it don't make the object being thrown curved.

    In my game, I would like the player to be able to choose to throw it curved or not and the enemy to be able to toss it back curved or not.

  • Since I don't know how your gameplay will work, perhaps this method won't do at all. But it does what you ask, both players can shoot straight and curved bullets to each other.

  • Thanks. This works great. It should be able to work and without using sine it actually might make it better.

  • I am glad that this helped

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