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  • Hello everyone...

    After trying so many games development softwares, i always end up with incomplete instructions of inexistent information.

    Here, i read on that i can change the angle of motion of some image... BUT in my properties, after adding a behaviour of bullet, i cannot see the so called angle of motion parameter...

    Please bring some more details in the manual.


  • Ok ok ok i am stupis so i just found out that angle of moption is related to 8 direction not bullet BUT now i want to make a certain picture to do a move in one direction and stop after so many pixels..

    That seems to me like a very common thing to do, but am getting irritated at trying to do it.

    If anyone know how to show a picture for example at the botton of the screen and slide it up to a certain position vertically, let me know... before i try another software.


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  • Angle of motion is also a part of bullet behavior.

    It can only be set by the action "Set angle of motion" and does not appear as a property.

    For your second question, there are several ways to do this, depending on what exactly you're trying to do, with what inputs and for what purpose.

    A possible implementation is in this example capx.

    The idea here is that when you click, you store the current position of the sprite, put some speed to the bullet behavior that makes it automatically move with the bullet behavior, orientate the sprite in the direction of where you clicked, and set the distance to travel to the distance between the mouse cursor and the object.

    Event 2 happens when the bullet is moving and that the distance between the starting position and the current position of the sprite is bigger than the distance to travel. And it just sets the speed of the bullet to 0 so that the sprite stops moving.

    It is one possible implementation.

    I strongly suggest you to relax, let C2 aside for a few minutes/hours and read/complete more tutorials. I'd suggest to check the tutorials linked in the C2 part of this one they are the finest way to go for beginners, learning progressively.

    Also be aware it takes time to master a software such as Construct 2 and that a lot of clear and good documentation is available.

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