How do I set angle on falling? and some problems

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  • Hi,

    I've tried to set the flappy bird angle on falling, I couldn'y find any clue on the site why it doesn't work \:

    I also have some problemes with the pipes, after the first pipe it's a mess

    I didn't use the same layout size as Tom showed in his toturial... I'm using 288,500

    Thank you all.

  • On any click rotate 45 anti-clock wise and by default or on start of the layout set rotate 45 degree clockwise, but instead of rotate you set angles! why do you want to rotate?

    I guess you need to proportionate your pipe spawn according to the window and layout size. check back the example again for me it goes every thing above my head!

    well if i have to do then i use a sprite image exactly size of window width and the place some image points and randomly spawn pipes on them make sure pipes are inverted when spawn on sky and if they overlap reduce the size displace to 50 or 100 pixels. Rest is continues scrolling.

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for trying to help, I did some tests and get it right

    I want to make a make a flappy bird that's really looks like the orginal (it'll help me to study the program)

    if you played the game when the bird is falling the angle is changing.

    Regarding the pipes I still need to do more tests, I don't want to use Tom layout size (on the browser it's too big) I want to give it the feel of a rectangle

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